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Originally Posted by jchaison View Post
Thanks for the input so far.

Being a just above casual rider makes sorting through all the options so difficult. Thought I wanted an Arbor due to the looks alone...did some reading/window shopping and heard a lot of good about the Riders Choice. Then more reading/window shopping and next thing I know the Arbor is out and I'm considering NS or Libtech (had never heard of either brand).

Now Nivek's blown open even more options. I've been ho-hum with my K2 Disciple and heard not so great stuff about K2 boards. Interesting that you like 2 of them better than the others (seems like NS and Libtech get a lot of love).
Nivek is not a fan of NS (he actively trashes them). I happen to really dislike LibTech boards myself... but some of my riding friends like it so who knows

My thought is there are countless boards out there. A lot of them are fun to ride. If you keep widening your options... you are never going to decide. The best option is to demo a board and if you like it ... get it.

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