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This is actually the 2nd time I've injured my low back. The first was about 6 years ago and I woke up with numb legs and shooting pain for a couple months. It was horrible. This time around I'm already much improved. I'm staying mobile, but not pushing it at all. Still taking naproxen and alternating heat and ice. I also stretch often. I can still do forward bends and I'm back to palms flat on the floor with knees locked out as of yesterday (the flexibility is a holdover from the martial arts days). I haven't had any weakness or that "buckling" feeling for a few days and it doesn't spasm when I "move wrong". Overall I'm confident heading in to opening day on the 23rd.

Thanks for the reply..

PS: Fuck crossfit!

Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
Over the past 3 months I have become an expert of the bad back lol.

Back on July 21st I was doing a car show gig setting up a stage. I pulled my lower back out (my right side) as I was simply bending over to pickup a wooden barricade bar. Now I have done this before in the past a few times in my life and what happens next is worse than the back pain itself.

5 days after I pulled my back I went to work as a stage manager for Harborfest which is a 5 day summer party with a ton of bands. Trust me in the music industry the work "manager" is nothing, we all bust our asses non stop. At that point my back was sore but I made it thru those 5 days...but then...ohhh then..

Once I got back home what happens is the lower back muscle swells and the sciatica nerve flares up which causes extreme pain down the entire right leg. It is non stop pain which includes pulsing numbness in the leg and it truly feels like you have a coat hanger going up inside your leg from your toes to your hip. The only thing that stopped the pain was to simply lay down on the couch. At that point I felt great but as soon as I stand up its like stepping into a sword and pushing it all the way up to the hip. All on just the side I pulled my back.

During the month of August I basically laid on the couch and got up barely able to make it to the bathroom. I would have to literally get back on the couch or a floor or a bench and it would go away almost instantly...But again I stand up....I wouldnt wish that pain on my worst enemy...The pain was so bad no pain killers help. Oxy, hydro, morphine, nothing! Ohhh it helped a little..but you could still feel that coat hanger inside....I couldnt and didnt want to do anything! the pain was so constant thats all that controlled me. September wasnt much better, by October I was really wondering if it would ever go away.

The meds I took that helped were inflammatory stuff. Nexproxin (aleve) and ecto"something".

Yesterday (a good three months later) was the first day I could say im at 100%. I dont need the meds but I still take them until I am out. no more pain the swelling is down but I am still careful.

What you really need is rest and lots of it. If your into the chiropractor expect some repeat visits. Physical therapy can help but in some cases the pain is worse depending on the individual.

Good luck! I feel bad for you. I know the pain..
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