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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
show behind the scenes stuff other than riding, like travel, tuning, prep, shopping, bootfitting, apres, party girls, titties.

I get titties as much as we love them may not be appropriate, but please consider the spirit of my concept. I find clip after clip of a Finnish French Canadian jibbing the same piece of urban in the dark to be mind numbing at best. And don't get me wrong, I love the steezy jib, but when there are 4000 smashed into a 6minute clip with little variety, my brain has a hard time appreciating any of it.

Also don't just repeat the encyclopedia entry about the history of snowboarding, the sport is mainstream enough now that it's been done to death and is just boring. Recapping the history of the USopen in VT or showing Jake shredding his Backhill - also yawn.

Some ideas:

-edit it all into a "day in the life of" even if it show different people, you could cast them all as 1 generic rider (reminiscent of Boozy the Clown from the Whiskey vids back in the day).

-in preparation for your project, watch and re-watch the best examples of what you are trying to do. Anything by Red Bull in the last 10 years while pretty, is probably a terribad example unless you have $100000000. Especially older stuff, as it has lower tech film editing and will be easier to mimic (remember film tech is not what makes good storytelling).


-the Whiskey series
-80s and 90's Powell and Peralta vids ie. P&P3:The Search for Animal Chin
-The Endless Summer

imho the 2 best documentaries ever (yea I'm a bit of a nut):
The Thin Blue Line (documentary absolved falsely accused and imprisoned man for murder, held over a decade)
Jiro Dreams of Sushi (self explanatory)

GL look forward to watching.

That was the plan, to have something like that going on (probably not titties, school won't like that )
It isn't going to be so much on the history as opposed to what people who ride now feel when riding. More of a here and now thing.

End side note.
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