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Originally Posted by N~R~G View Post
if i survived jail at one of the most dangerous jails in long island, i'm sure hulk jr. can.

besides, like anyone's gonna fuck with hulk hogan's son!

regardless, i've been in solitary & it definitely sucks. i only had to stay in it for a week...this kid has to be in it until he turns 18. i definitely don't think they should let him out on house arrest, but maybe they should just move him to a juvenile detention until he is old enough to go to gen pop. or fuck it, just put him in gen pop now. what's the difference of a couple months?
He's still a minor and the law needs a clear definition of when that period ends. In this case, his 18th birthday. He should be thankful. Or well, his butthole should be thankful. As for the lawsuit, i'd like to see how that plays out. Nick's driving doesn't exactly release John of his culpability in not wearing a seat belt. If they can strongly prove that John's coma is a direct result of him not buckling up, it will offset his own actions.

Look at it this way, the defense can argue that the shoddy driving was not the direct cause of the injury. They could have been rear-ended by a space ship with an unlicensed drunk behind the wheel... or stick... whatever. In which case John could still be in a coma since he didn't bother to put on a belt. They have to prove that the lack of seat belt was the direct cause of the injuries. Now if the plantiffs argue that the seat belt wouldn't have prevented the injuries, they'll run the risk of validating the defense's argument. It may be wiser to ignore the defense's stance and focus heavily on the driving as the direct cause and hope the defense can't put up a strong seat belt case.

Personally, if you're in a car with a friend that you KNOW drives like a drunken dingus, races everything on the planet and in general will put your ass in danger and YOU don't put on a seat belt, you deserve what you get.

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