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My Boot Saga... (ala Goldilocks)

So OK for those who haven't kept up, I'm a total n00b. Absolutely zero experience in snow sports of any kind.

36 yo

Moved to Northern BC this summer. Been buying up gear since Aug/Sept getting ready to learn this year.

There are 2 shittly little local shops within a 40 minute drive for me. The next closest is 2.5 hours.

I'm on my 3rd pair of boots so far...

1. 2012 Salomon Dialogue Wides - I didn't know shit when I bought them and neither did the idiot selling them to me. They were a full size too big and packed out like a mutha. I couldn't even touch the end of the boot if I tried when laced in.

Needless to say, these boots are too big.

2. Traded for 2012 Salomon F2.0's. Much better boot with reduced foot print tech and a much more "even" flex. Fit my bindings better and much less overhang. Wore them in the shop for like 30 - 40 minutes and the tech that sold them to me was really cool. Unfortunately when I got them home and put them back on a couple days later they seemed really narrow and were kind of crushing my foot width wise. I think they were tight overall, but once they started to conform to my foot the narrowness became more apparent.

So, these boots are too small.

3. Took the F2.0's back and the only other boot they had at that shop was the 2012 Malamute. The tech told me they were way too stiff and unless I was in the back country hitting 40' kickers I didn't need those boots.

So, I went to the other shop where they only carry Burton and 32. Not many models and all last years shit (but for full pop, fuckers). Anyway, tried on everything they had (not much) and settled on a pair of Burton Ambush. Paid $280 for last years shit. However, that is not my concern. Although they are crazy comfy, my issue is that they seem really soft and when I lean in to them the flex isn't very "smooth" and all the weight stacks right on top of my foot.

This boot is too soft...

I tried on the Imperial and liked it better, but they only had it a 1/2 size up from my US9.

Sooo, is this boot too soft?... Keep in mind that I will be riding mostly ungroomed "side country" and itermediate to advanced terrain (because that's all there is at Shames) at my local hill. These will also be paired with a 2012 Raygun 159 and Lg Formulas also 2012's.

My first inclination is to return the boots and order the imperials in a 2013 online. I know I should support my local, but the 2 idiots working at the 2nd shop kept acting like I was wasting their time and the one helping me knew exactly fuck-all! He doesn't even ride. WTF?

Anyway, so before Shred flames me for yet another "what boot do I get" thread... What do you all think I should do? I could also call the shop and have them get me a size 9 Imperial in. As long as it was the same price as online it wouldn't be a big deal.


Stick with the Ambush, go back to the first shop and try the Malamutes, or Order the Imperials either from the shop or online? Is there another boot (maybe Burton) that I should try? The first shop is phasing out snowboard gear in favor of skis only so if I have anyone "bring in" something it will have to be Burton or 32 from the "other" shop.

Thanks for reading my novella...

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