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Default Politically insane coworkers

Just started a new job and holy shit, there's a guy there who is just too much. I keep politics out of the workplace. IMO, nothing good comes of bringing political and/or religious conversations to work.

But, this guy is something else. His car us plastered with Romney and Republican stickers. He spends all day raving about Romney this, conservative that, Republican blah, blah, blah. I claim allegiance to neither party and generally have an attitude of fuck 'em both. I don't understand the partisan idiots who treat their political party like a sports team and blindly cheer them on.

I generally ignore the guy, but today he just kept coming to show me political ad videos and kept bitching about reports that electronic voting machines were switching Romney votes to Obama, but then came barging in to gleefully show me a video of "the greatest voting machine ever" as he called it that showed a voter trying to select Obama but it kept checking Romney. Do these idiots see their own hypocrisy? Do they even care?

To top it all off, today he bragged about turning around his giant Romney yard sign to display the message he'd prepared on the back. His message? "It's time to put a WHITE man back in the WHITE House!" Holy fucking shit.
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