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Wink rocker-flat(or cam)-rocker all the way.

Owned a:
Ride Society (camber)
k2 turbo dream (rocker)
Arbor Coda (progressive rocker - more in the middle then tapers out, I think)
Burton Custom Flying V *terrible terrible TERRIBLE board* (cam-rock-cam aka flying V)
NS Proto CT (cam-rock-cam, but less pronounced than the Custom)

What I found out:
Camber RIPS, but doesn't float nor is it as playful as more hybrid rocker decks these days.
Rocker is "fun" and floaty, but lacks some pop and stability at speed, as well as some rebound. The Coda did a much better job at fixing these rocker issues than the Turbo (from 3 years ago..).
Custom Flying V... UGH. sloppiest, least edge hold, sketchy ass board. just, no.
NS and Mervin do a much better job than Burton with this type of tech. Hense, why I ended up with a Proto after demoing both brands. BUT... I do not like how the rocker between the feet provides a flex pattern to the boards that do not 'flow' throughout the board. It's unnatural and stops flexing where the camber kicks in. Yes, this provides pop and rebound, but its just not consistent throughout the board, IMO... Pop comes from the middle of the deck too, not just the tip and tail. These shapes can make buttering unnatural and awkward.

Soo... my solution, and favorite tech (thus far), is what Ride, K2, Rome and many other brands are doing: rocker-flat(slight cam)-rocker. This provides natural board flex patterns that extent throughout the board and not just in the middle. Pop and rebound have been compensated by the adding of tech such as pop rods, pop walls, and ollie bars(this specific tech being preloaded with camber=awesome). "micro-camber" between the bindings also helps solve some of these issues, which still getting the float, playfulness and natural flex of your deck. Add some minimal edge hold tech (or not...) and boom, a non-wavy noodle shaped board that OWNS.

my $.02
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