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Originally Posted by CalvaryCougar View Post
ah i deleted that post after thinking I probably shouldnt get into the debate as I will probably get called names or more LOL

But since you asked, it does have some positive but also will probably have negatives. Alcohol while on probation or parole is illegal here, so im guessing weed will be also.

Yeah good guess on that one. haha

It sounds like you're right, that it won't be legal for people on probation.

My thing with legalization is this;

Prohibition of alcohol turned normal people into criminals and provided a money stream for dangerous criminals. Legalizing a harmless drug takes the money away from bad people, stops forcing normal people to do business with these bad people.

The negatives relating to MJ are the same negatives with cigarettes and alcohol, both legal substances in their own right.

While I may have my opinions on what is right for me in regards to using MJ, I don't like government forcing that opinion on other people.
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