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Originally Posted by BigmountainVMD View Post
He's gonna end up like all these kids buying an aggressive T. Rice Pro as their first board. You can ride it, sure, but you will have more fun with something a bit softer like the SL.

He wanted a stiffer version of the Evo that can handle crud/speed better. The SL is a directional twin (or twin with setback stance), the Cobra is directional... too unlike the Evo.

Kid has a Toyota Tercel and wants to upgrade... do you tell him a Subaru WRX or a Porsche Carerra? Heritage is too stiff. If you are hitting 40 ft booters switch, then get the Heritage.

Sell the Evo, get the SL. You will be happy. I fell like one of the biggest of new boarder issues is getting a "stiff" board that is really more stiff than they actually need.
Hey wait don't YOU have a TRice Pro along with a Proto? What were you saying about kids buying a TRice Pro?

Actually, I agree that an SL would be the best single board option (and I don't disagree there is no need to get multiple boards)... but if he is definitely going to keep the Evo (for some reason like not everyone accepts my "wisdom" as fact )... then I would suggest getting something a bigger difference from the SL (I say this from experience having owned a 2004(?) Evo, 2009 SL, and 2012 Proto). Actually if you read the OP's last post... he was already leaning towards the SL-only option (he's going to demo the boards this weekend).

I also agree that some boards are too stiff for novice riders to handle... but modern snowboards today are all pretty soft overall (there are exceptions... those are basically always the most expensive freeride board each company makes). Even the Heritage is only a 5.5 out of 10 on Never Summer's scale. I've tried out a lot of boards over the years and trust me... there are some STIFF boards out there that you have never tried from companies you likely have never heard of.

I've never ridden the Heritage... but I HAVE hit a 40 ft booter switch*. Heritage is probably overkill for that as well, but OP was looking for freeriding/powder, not park/jumps - and the added dampening and stiffness would be good for that.

* - video is just me hitting a 40 foot kicker with a straight air... my cab 180s and backside 360s were super sketchy looking and not worthy of posting on the web.

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