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Originally Posted by Lamps View Post
Supes has a fanboy.


Anyways, channel boards go best with EST bindings, don't mislead the OP
What exactly makes channel boards best with EST bindings? Reflex, Unions with channel disc and whatever else is out there that's compatible works just as well.
To take Unions as an example, it's like saying contacts are better than forces, just because the base flexes more.
That's all EST bindings baseplates do: flex a small amount more than reflex. On a scale of 1 to 10, since est flex the most out there, I'd give them a 10 (on flex, not on how good they are), and I'd give reflex a 9.5.
In real world riding, there is little difference.
So, why give the OP the wrong idea and force him to get locked into one company?
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