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Originally Posted by zeeden View Post
haha not trying to brag, maybe you're just being a hater. But all jokes aside, I bought the T. Rice last year and the custom was warranty replacement for my '10 custom.

One of the reasons I got the T. Rice is because of the magnetraction for icy days here in eastern Canada. My '10 custom used to wash out a lot on ice.

The T. Rice is a pretty stiff board, I liked my the '10 because of the playfulness of the rocker.

If they are both the same tech, do you suggest I sell my custom?
hey, no hard feelings bro, but i am just an asshole.

i looked to make sure they were the same tech so i wasn't just talking out of my ass, because i "knew" the burton was the same but had to make sure. that being said i dont follow gear THAT much, mostly just lib because thats what i ride. not a fan boy, i just dont care enough to obsess over gear, like i usually.

what board to bring to whistler? depends what kind of rider you are. i was just in a thread where this kid claims he can't get his T Rice to float in pow! LOL! he was also from the east coast... which is hilarious because my buddy rides a skunk ape which is stiffer than a T Rice and we ride blackcomb for 7 hours and he has never complained about his board not being able to float. so needless to say that kid is not good. but judging by your boards, you should be a good rider. or else your just a poser who buys expensive shit, i told you i was an asshole. but if thats not the case, take the T Rice. unless you dont ride that aggressive, then maybe take the V. but why not just take both boards. clearly you are going to be riding more than 1 day, if you have two sick boards why wouldn't you want to ride both of them?

bottom line. hands down T Rice if you ride really aggressively, you'll want that extra stiffness.
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