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Originally Posted by Sassicaia View Post
Ill make a long story short. I found a "new" 2012 Burton Vapor for 30% off online at an authorized burton dealer (will remain nameless for now) which I have been to in person in the past, but its a few hours away from me hence why I ordered it online. I sent an email asking if they would be open to sell it for an addition $100 off bring the price down to roughly 40% off. I got a phone call saying "they wouldnt normally drop the price or be allowed to by burton, but because there are some marks on the top sheet from moving it around the store and against other boards they would agree to give me the extra $100 off". We agreed, I paid and the board arrive today.

I have a STRONG suspicion this board was used (likely once), and they sold me a used board as new. Below are pictures, my main reasons for thinking it was used and their response. What i want is some unbiased opinions about these issues I see. Is it possible these things could be on a non used board? With all the evidence do you think the board is used, new or not sure.

Suspicious point #1.) The board was not in plastic wrap, but came in its little zipper bag. All burton boards come in a plastic wrap, and some have the addition zipper bag. It did have the sales tags in the channel, price tag, and booklet attached.

Their response: The plastic wrap got peeled off and damaged from moving around so they eventually took it off. This is a standard practice if that happens in their store.

Suspicious point #2.) The scratches are (in my opinion) more then what could be caused by moving a board around a store. The picture below shows how deep one of the scratches is. There are probably 10+ scratches on the board. It should be said that I personally dont give a shit about scratches. One day on the hill and any board will have them anyway. Im not one to try and keep my board looking new. I am pointing this out as evidence it was used.

Their response: The told me their were scratches prior to shipping. I agreed. We didnt disagree on this point, but I felt how deep they were was not consistent with moving it around the store. Perhaps im wrong thou.

Suspicious point # 3.) Rust on the edges, and the base is "whiter" by the edge which to me shows use.

Their response: They had it outside for a sale and it got rained on, and the white on the edge is nothing more then wax drying out.

Suspicious point # 4.) Evidence a binding was attached. This is probably the biggest piece for me. Under no circumstance should a new board have evidence that a binding was attached. At most a store would place a bind on top of a board for looks, but never attach to the point it leaves a circle.

Their response: No idea why the circle would be there. Agreed with me that there is no reason a binding should have been attached, but reiterated the board never left the store.

To me a used board sells for half of MSRP (no taxes). This board was likely taken out by an employee for a joy ride, and then repackaged (unknowing to the owner or guy who i talked to about the issue). Having said that I have never worked in a store so I have no idea if these things could all happen in the store.

What are your thoughts?
Looks used to got it 40% off which sounds great, but that just makes it the price of a brand new high end board. I think you should be entitled to additional store credit at the minimum and definitely your money back if you wanted it. Bottom line you have to decide if you want the board or not, b/c you're not likely to find a better deal on a vapor in great condition.
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