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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
You're damn right it's getting tiresome.

We don't deal Romes so that's a no go. No way for it.

You bitched about it taking me forever to change things. K2 uses a ladder system which is infinitely faster than screws. That's why I brought that up. And Salomon on the Arcade and up is using a screw and ladder system that is also faster. A binding only company should be better. Every other major player is doing tool less, seems a shortfall to me.

Again somehow your sub human brain power can't comprehend that I ran through every single combination of adjustments. At some point it was exactly where the fucking engineers designed it to be. It was a sub par fit. On a couple of the most common boots on the market, it was sub par.

But I'm done arguing.

OP. Here's this to read.

"From Nose in the C3 Thread:

"Contest time. Got a pair of coveted TEAM bindings, you pick the size, for the dude that best hijacks any and all threads in the Snowboarding Forum. Yep, I said it. Not looking for anyone to be pro C3, COAL, Union or CAPiTA, just looking for educated people to get in there and drop some knowledge.

Contest runs til Monday November 12th, you PM me a list of your threads in on the 13th, winner announced on the 14th. I don't give a shit if your pro Burton, Union, CAPiTA, DWD, Airblaster, whatever, just as long as there is a bombardment of knowledge thrown in that forum, enough to rattle the cages of the establishment and get people thinking outside of the God damn box that they live in." "

So there's that. Take there bitching and arguing for what it is. Pandering for free shit.

Classy mother fuckers.
I know about that post.

PM Nose, I don't want the fucking team bindings. I just think he's right. It's time to stop some of the misinformation.

Readers at home can check the stats on my posts. This is NOT the first or even the second time we've gotten into it (maybe you don't remember because you're an internet superstar with LOTS of bindings that don't need mom's help to set up).

I come over here about every week or two. Look for stuff SnowWolf has written (unbiased imho). Someone asks about something I've ridden, I post about it to help out. When it's about Union, you say something SILLY or antiquated, I respond that you have been misinformed. Then you drop a bunch of insane stuff that makes no fucking sense under the guise of "industry knowledge" when there are a lot of people out there that are not experiencing the same problem, or have a solution to said problem that you had a hard time finding so gave up.

Post the fucking picture of your problem and relax, man.

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