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Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
To me this is no big deal. I mean come on its pot. If its legal or not really is irrelevant in my eyes because potheads in general are subdue compared to other users.

What I mean by that is a crackhead will get to a point where they will smoke it anywhere and not really care. Potheads are different in this example. If it is legal in Denver I seriously doubt people will be just walking around the streets of the city smoking joints, bowls, bongs, dutchies or whatever..Potheads generally like to smoke in their own domain and not really be public about it.

Now as far as the stores, the taxing, the economy and everything else sure that will grow into an industry. But for what thats worth..ehhh

I do agree small amounts should not go to the courts. That I do ...but then again one must define a "small amount"... to me that could be a pound lol..

Ehhh... they sort of already do that around here. It's more commonly accepted than one might think. Now, people aren't walking around with huge bongs and doing it in the middle of the day, but I've seen it before. Right on the 16th street mall (pedestrian mall downtown Denver) I've seen people on benches smoking. ANY concert at Red Rocks or Pepsi Center. April 20th go to Boulder or even downtown Denver and there is a haze in the sky. Go hiking on pretty common trails - you'll smell it. Every ski resort I've been to, I've run into it. Hell, at the beach at a-basin, people don't even try to hide it.

All I'm saying is that it is a lot different out here in that people seem to just mind their own business. And this was all before this proposal passed.
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