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Originally Posted by KungMartin View Post
Listening to a genre before it's popular is proof that you didn't just go with the crowd
From: Top 10 Signs You’re a Hipster | a modern opinion

G’day. I’ve spent a lot of time ranting about the hipsters that be, but now I’m going to give you an easy to digest list of signs you might be a hipster. If you can relate to 5 or more, you’re a hipster. If so, GTFO.

1. If someone calls you a hipster, your immediate response is “I’m not a fucking hipster, just because I…[list of hipster items/hobbies] doesn’t make me one.” Denial is the first sign of hipster. You often exclaim “look at that fucking hipster” in the presence of other hipsters.
2. You own or carry a DSLR for the purpose of taking mirror shots, or uninspiring photos of other hipsters, or occasionally a barren landscape. Or maybe some graffiti. Most frequently just your street.
3. You have a pair of glasses, that are either frame-less or clear plastic.
4. You wear a beanie, regardless of any incongruity between weather or temperature.
5. You have a polaroid camera; or you use Hipstamatic on your iPhone – “New-age fun with a vintage feel.”
6. You have said “I liked them before they were mainstream.”
7. As per encyclopediadramatica, you are a walking stereotype with no trace of a genuine personality or intellect.
8. You have participated in previous bullshit fads, including but not limited to emo.
9. You have tattoos of a moustache on your finger, or irrelevant birds, animals or symbols in various places on your body for no apparent reason and nothing in the way of justification.
10. You have few avenues for any intellectual or personal development, drinking heavily and consuming copious amounts of illicit substances for your own relief.

That said I like some drum and bass, and some dubstep, and some 90's dance, and reggae, really like dub music. A band I really like is USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) which has a D&B feel to their stuff.

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