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Originally Posted by phony_stark View Post
+1 I was in the same position as you guys a coupla years ago and was looking at a clash. Almost everyone told me I'd grow out of it in a season. I'm glad listened. Get something that will last you a couple of seasons, and you'll still want to ride later, when you get a new board.

You can learn to carve/ride park on almost anything. It's 90% Rider 10% board...another thing I learned.

A coupla good beginner boards

1. Gnu carbon credit - My first board and awesome in icy conditions
2. Capita Indoor Surivival - This is the board I WISH was my first board, super fun, soft enough to learn presses and butters/stiff enough to handle the whole mountain.
3. Burton Hero/SuperHero - super fun board, but only compatible with some non EST bindings - Union makes a disc (I run Unions on my Joystick)
4. Burton Joystick, someone may tell you differently, but I think this would be rad for a beginner and like the capita, you can grow into it (more pricy though)
5. Arbor Westmark (haven't ridden it) but it'll work for you better after a while than the draft, which I do own.
6. Bataleon whatever...TBT is weird, but forgiving as all get out.
7. Forum scallywag - SUPER cheap and super fun for learning to make turns and some park.
8. Signal parkrocker flat/lite - Haven't ridden one, but some have and would probably say a beginner could enjoy it.

My order of prefrerence from the ones I've ridden would be.

1. Capita Indoor Surivival - cheapest, well built and HELLA fun
2. Burton Joystick - extra money and extra hassle from the Channel system
3(tie). Gnu Carbon Credit...bataleon whatever.

some others will chime in soon, I'm sure.
Completely agree with him. I think the Clash is very good for beginners, but like others have already said, you're likely going to outgrow it very quick especially if you get hooked to this sport and start riding a ton.

Like Phony pointed out, don't let other options scare you just because they are labeled for more advanced riders.

On his list, I would place the Hero before the Carbon Credit just because the magnetraction can be a bit much for beginners (tons of edge hold, some say "too much bite.").

The K2 Raygun is another solid affordable choice. Very easy to ride board that you can grow on.
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