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Originally Posted by TheClash View Post
hmm I will have to ask him, have you seen an improvement in over all foot health from it?? what were your symptoms before using?
Yes... I used to get plantar fasciitis pain in my feet (in the arch and the heel) within like 10 mins of walking on a hardwood floor (basically always had to sit down as slipper only gave me like 5-10 more minutes).

If I wore sandals I would get foot pain after like an hour of walking around. Ironically, I never really had any problems running (have run several half marathons without any footpain... haven't done a full marathon because I don't want to press my luck).

Now I can wear sandals pretty much indefinitely... and it takes an hour or more before my feet start to hurt on hardwood floors (so I still have foam mats in the kitchen when I'm cooking/cleaning).

I recently started using EPAT done to my feet and after 2 session, my ankles joint feel lot better (hard to describe... like I took off a tight sock and now the joint hinges better). The last two season, my ankles have start to get tweaked when I widen my stance too much - I am hoping they will feel better after this EPAT treatments.

Have your friend check you peroneus longus, extensor digitorum and flexor digitorum muscles, they can interfere with your calf (gastroc and ... err... the soleus) lengthening... if you calf doesn't length when you bend your knees... you ankle can't hinge as well, if you ankle doesn't hinge... then your arch starts to take a lot of pressure).
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