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Occupy Tahoe 2011-2012 Early Season

This is my 2nd major snowboard edit, early season conditions.
Let me know what you guys think!

Wow a lot of hate...particullary snowklinger.(there are more words in the english dictionary other than fuck). Your criticism is welcome but there is no reason to get derogatory.

Guys this is an edit, it's not a sequence of events shot in one day. Over 60 hours of footage boiled down to the action moments.It was a pain in the ass to do. That is not how we ride per say all day everyday.
You have to realize this is about 20days of footage..Having the camera on every day, a lot can & does happen in that time span.Just happened to catch it on tape(sd card) because I was constantly recording.
(normal ppl get into car accidents every day, injuries of all sorts occur daily) I shattered/fractured my tailbone in the beginning footage. For months every tiny fall hurt like a bitch.

I'm not sure how long all of you have been boarding, (realize that there were only 2 runs open at squaw & 1 run at was all that was open up until about late January in Tahoe, due to lack of snow, it was constant ice). Icy conditions, that caused the higher speeds in the first place this was for the most part 100% man made snow. Mixed with even more beginners it was not a good recipe. The opening scene even has the warning signs. There were a lot of ppl falling and sliding during the early season. I was taken out multiple times.

This is first season I've done without any formal training or ever doing any downhill mnt sports/skating etc or whatever. No muscle memory core buildup etc. So was pushing myself hard to catch up. A lot of the riskier moments and attempts were done once it was all clear as well.

There are multiple ppl in this video, the crash happened by a beginner friend of mine not me(a friend that does not even drink). I am not responsible for all people in this video, shit happens and it was caught on tape. He lost control more out of exhaustion and panic as it was the 5th day in a row without rest.(ice/old board/ with no edge grip etc) The skier was ok. This wan't a hit and run. There were consequences and reprimands, but I wasn't making a full on documentary.
Also that skier did not have their helmet strap buckled. Not that it makes it ok. Just thought it's something to point out.
It is included because what else am I going to do with the footage? I thought it was a good transitional piece for the music.
This thread is about edits/photography. My goal was to make an entertaining edit, showing perseverance though pain/obstacles and such. I see at the very least it evoked emotion.

Also note in the beginning the girl wipes out in my path, there was a skier that wiped out in frnt of us at night, I mean shit does happen, ppl get tired, muscles give in.

Anyway no need to hate, criticism noted, but try to be a bit more understanding. I'd appreciate comments more so on the editing aspect of this video. Thanks.

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