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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
Don't be hypocritical EL guys.

Let me tell you that I did a brief review of the Forces that I demoed at the 2011 Test Fest. In that review, I specifically stated my negative tone had more to do with the countless Union fanboys that used to destroy threads in this very forum. Yes, I was annoyed by this forum's users.

I gave my honest opinion about my experience and fully disclosed that they were pre-production at a demo event. So what happened after that? Johan came in and basically bashed me. He made real snooty remarks like I was hating on Union as a company.

But you won't see his remarks because he deleted that account and made one under his EL name.

Let me add that when I requested catalog info on union bindings via my work, which started carrying Unions, he made a comment asking if I'm "The Leo Shim who hates all things Union." This was on my work email. I post on here in my spare time. Yet, he chose to bring up his silly beef in our work email exchange.

So don't come in these forums acting altruistic. You guys are being hypocritical especially considering how you talk about us in that EL thread. Don't talk about how you care about snowboarding and think this bickering and fanboyism is trash when some of you EL members trashed me for posting about products on EL a while back. Admittedly though, a lot more of you were cool with me than not.

My point is, this forum or that forum, same shit goes on. I intended to keep my mouth shut, but this is getting ridiculous. If Johan truly wanted to be constructive and not just hate on SBF, he would have tossed those Team bindings to a "misinformed" or "uneducated" member here to have them give Union a legitimate try.

So don't kid anyone. You guys aren't here to help. You're here to be condescending hypocrites.

And please, don't go snitching me out to my employer for this post or have any of your cronies talk shit to me at test fest as I walk by.
I am not a fanboy. In the interest of full disclosure, this is what I posted on EL in regards to why I decided to be more active on SBF:

" I just don't like people being asshats to each other in a way that makes enjoying snowboarding more difficult. We all know how difficult it can be to find solid info and get a set-up that you trust, fits you well, and lets you concentrate on the IMPORTANT part of the 90/10 aspect of riding. Being told by an "expert" that the ONLY way to approach buying gear is to buy EXACTLY what they tell you to get - regardless of your budget or personal preferences. Fuck that!

The pretentious "experienced rider as gatekeeper to the sport" thing is just so much bullshit, too. I volunteer my time and money for organizations like the service board and the chill foundation trying to get kids into snowboarding and keep them stoked on a free, open, inclusive community of riders who just want to have fun and share the outdoors. The "core" douchers ruin all that, and fuck with kids who are already apprehensive about trying to be "cool" even though they can't buy all the raddest brands, and they're still working on linking their turns or making it smoothly to the far side of the butter box. I HATE that shit.

When an obviously young, inexperienced rider wants to know whether they should buy the t. rice or the custom flying v, it's not time to belittle their question or steer them towards your pet brand. It's an opportunity to help a kid find a board that they're gonna be stoked on and learn to do their first ollie on. That's the board that will begin to define what a pow turn is. They'll make regretful sticker choices, and they'll be crushed when it first starts to get dinged up in the lift lines. How do the Nivek and ShredLife tools not remember what that is like?"
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