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Originally Posted by matty19 View Post
How is two seasons of riding not enough time to form a valid opinion?

What super-OG-core-bro-"I'll be on misty 2014 shit by this Christmas"
I said that you jack stack. And I get more days on mountain and step in/on more poduct before March than you ever will in your life. That's where the credibility comes from.

Two seasons or riding total in life? Or on a single product? Cause fuck no do I give any credibility to someone who's been snowboarding 2 years. They can't have ridden enough to form a valid opinion cause they've likely only ridden what their first purchase was. What kind of comparison can they make from that?

Ride what you like sure, and you'll notice I have yet to say a whole brand sucks by the way. The toe straps and ratchets are sub par, and the Force baseplate has no padding. Where have I said that the whole brand is garbage. In fact all this started with Johan bitching at me after I said I look forward to riding the Atlas except the toe strap. Nice job.
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