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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
I don't mean to paint a broad stroke. Some guys here are obviously being destructive. So is Johan with this dumbass contest.

For eff sakes. I completely stopped talking about Union after our email exchange. I continued to just focus on other products not getting involved in Union based threads. I did this even after his cronies were being little dick headed smart asses behind my back while I was at a demo event for y employer.

Now he has this contest going and putting up the front that he wants you guys to educate SBF members. Instead, this whole thing is causing uneccesary beef and bad blood. Want to know what's worse than the people you claim to be gatekeepers here? Two Internet forums full of snowboarders beefing with one another over one fucking snowboard brand and acting like one forum is better than the other.

You want to talk about caring for the sport and riders? Then don't contribute to this ignorance.

Whatever. No such thing as bad press I guess.
Leo, honestly, I have NOTHING but respect for you because you did what most people would do in that situation. Turn the fucking page. Not look at every page where it's mentioned and attempt to hijack the thread with opinions that are passed off as fact (to people who apparently aren't even allowed to have an opinion if they've been riding for fewer than two years).

All I'm asking is, people like you and Dave continue to set the example you're setting and help people who have questions about gear. I will do the same. Letting this vocal group shout down stuff with limited experience is silly and turns this place into clown shoes.

Or, in Nivek's case, barbie shoes.
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