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Originally Posted by Alkasquawlik View Post
Johan's whole rationale for this "contest" was to encourage members from EL who are either pro-Union or have had solid, positive experiences on their bindings to come to SBF to provide an opposite viewpoint to the vocal minority that is vehemently against C3.
Well yeah that's what he said but that was a pretty lame attempt to defend a "contest" that by all outward appearances was designed to threadjack as many threads and as often as possible by as many EL users as possible (which of course is a violation of TOS on every forum in the known interverseweb). Encouraging such behavior is childish and the shitstorm of eDick-swinging that resulted from this "contest" were as predictable as gravity so frankly nobody from EL or C3 has any legitimate gripe about this forum's (negative) reaction to this "contest" (or, insofar as that negative vibe spills over to EL or C3 generally).

I get that he may feel a certain way about the content generated at this forum (even if I don't necessarily agree), and I get that maybe he's trying, in some way, to make it better or to improve the quality of discourse at SBF, but like I mentioned yesterday this "contest" is a really, really shitty & immature way to go about trying to remedy that perceived problem.
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