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To the OP, in my opinion go with the tivas.

Some people clearly love union bindings and clearly the toe caps fit their boots, good for them.

Many people (not just the haters) find the straps don't fit well. I have seen many people make that same observation here in Japan as well as on this forum.

Just seems weird to an impartial like me that a company wouldn't try to address a clear issue raised by many customers.

Its like the response from union is "No you're wrong, the toe cap is perfect you just don't know how to use it right, we'll keep on making it the same way until you realize how to use it right".

Opinions are very subjective, everyone knows that.

Even though some members on here are very (way over the top) vocal in their preferences or dislike of certain brands those reading take it with a pinch of salt.

Anyone with any sense listens to pros and cons from a range of people then makes their OWN choice.

Its just gear, why shouldn't we be able to say what we think?

If its good gear there will be plenty of positive posts to balance the negative ones. Thats the point of a forum as opposed to a review site where people need to keep good relations with the companies.

Nivek is pretty vocal in his dislike for NS, fair enough, he prefers other boards.

Doesn't stop those who like NS recommending them on here. Let everyone have their say.

Its not the negative or positive opinions on gear that are the problem.
Its emotional, personal attacks that I would like to see the end of.

Just makes reading through a thread a pain in the ass and much longer than it needs to be.
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