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Originally Posted by ComeBack_Kid View Post

You keep trying to sell that thing as some awesome snow-destroying beast that conquers all terrain.

You do know that no one believes you or cares, right? The only time Honda Civics impress anyone is when 6-year olds watch Fast and Furious.

nothing against you klinger, just your obsession with that civic
Originally Posted by mhaas View Post
Don't let them put you down! As guy who drives a geo prizm to the mountains, I appreciate someone who has the skill to make a little car work in the snow.

Throw some chains on and put a hundred pounds of sand in the trunk and my four banger gets me where I need to go in the snow.

Now keeping speed over the passes, thats another story...

That being said, a taco might be in my future should I not be able to pass this years emissions test.
K props to you for considering a taco, but on the flip side it's people like you that piss me off on the mountain. I'm sorry, but i dont give a rats ass who you are, a snow covered mountain road is no place for a god dam geo prizm. It's people like you (and dip shit high school kids especially) that take your generic piece of crap 1 wheeler peelers up into the mountains and crash and get the road closed for everyone. Just venting
If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk.

Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
do they even make chaps with asses?
Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I think they call them pants
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