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Originally Posted by IdahoFreshies View Post
:I'm sorry, but i dont give a rats ass who you are, a snow covered mountain road is no place for a god dam geo prizm. It's people like you (and dip shit high school kids especially) that take your generic piece of crap 1 wheeler peelers up into the mountains and crash and get the road closed for everyone. Just venting
You sir, have obviously NEVER driven a Geo Prizm in the snow. I laugh at others who can't go through what I do in my Prizm. Also, I'm not some dipshit HS kid. I've never crashed my Prizm in the snow, and I've been driving it in the mountains for years. I've seen plenty of SUV's and trucks, and vehicles both small and large crashed into snowbanks and railings, all while I just keep on cruising. In fact, I ususally end up driving me and my buddies cause they know that the Prizm will get them all there safe and sound, and in one piece. Don't hate the Geo just 'cause you don't know how to drive in the snow without 4WD.
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