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Originally Posted by BigmountainVMD View Post
Or you can not be a pussy and don't detune anything. Are you riding rails? No? Then don't detune any points of contact. You are gonna be carving up some sick mountains in France and want your edges to hold, not give way. I have NEVER detuned a board, but I also NEVER hit rails. I keep my edges at factory bevel and sharpen them a couple times each season to increase edge hold while carving. You will be happy when you are charging and your board doesn't fly out from under you when you hit an ice patch. That being said, detuning outside of the contact points for butters won't hurt, just make sure you are not within the contact points.

Learn to ride the board correctly WITHOUT detuning it and you will have better technique because of it. Then if you actually detune it, you will be a boss.

Also, riding hardpack and ice will detune the board slowly but naturally over time.
Ha some slightly mixed messages but it sounds like detune the tip and tail otherwise grow some balls and learn to ride ha
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