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Heel hold kit or make your own
If it is these, they go on the outside of the liner...between the liner/ my pic the orange c's are covered with white tape so the don't rip off when I remove the liner from the shell after each day to dry both the shell and liner. The bigger thing is the butterfly, the upper things are the c's and below are the j's....the c's and j's go on each side of the liner, two per liner You can use any or all in a combination, imho/imhe use the butterfly first then add the c and later the j if you need more...adding layer/build up will pinch the heel/ankle more. If you get the foam sheet, just cut out in the same as in the picture.

see the black circle on the liner's in the above pic...the butterfly is almost placed in the right spot in the above pic...that is where you paste the butterfly...then it wraps around the back to the other circle on the other side of the liner. Then if you need more pinch add the c or j bar on top of that...followed by covering it all with tape so that it doesn't rip off when putting the liner back in the boot. I don't know how much clearer it could be. perhaps try it with out peeling the backing of the sticky and just tape it on with some scotch tape...take some pics and post it up

But before you do this; Are you adding any kind of footbed or heel lift to the liner? If yes, especially a heel lift; put the liner on first to confirm where your ankle bone is. It should sit inside the dark C of the boot liner.

The C shape (of the butterfly and C) are made to go around the ankle bone. Otherwise, you are creating a pressure point.

Boots with laces, or dual boas….you can do dual or zone tightness by how you lace them up....leave the bottom section loose, tie off at the ankle then cinch the cuff down tight

Have average size ankles and no ankle problems. I tighten the cuff to hold my foot into the heel pocket (which is mainly done with the inner laces on 32's) and more importantly so that I get the toeside leverage/response. Love the 32 focus boas for the ease of adjustment and often ride with the lower boa barely snug but cinch the cuff down and also have the inner lace pretty tight and it hasn't reduced blood flow to my foot. In the past had 32 305 and another model? with laces and actually the laces imho work better for more tweakability for comfort than the boas but the boas are so damm adjustable on the fly. I will often pop loose the cuff boa for the chair and then if dropping a gnarly line will really tighten them up verses just cruising groomers the cuff will be just snug.

Numb feet….

I've got a high instep and a high arch and need a heel lift to fit my boot. It also pulls my foot back, so I can fit into my correct boot size (instead of sizing up). It is counter intuitive but it worked for me and I'm not going to question the boot fitter.

try insoles like superfeet or ed's sole and take a look at the above thread...

Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity
fwiw foot numbness can also be from pressure on a peripheral nerve. Some of this is counter-intituitive...I used to have numbness but when I finally put in some good insoles that supported my high arch that did the trick and allowed me to loosen the lower boot, gain more response, comfort and no more numbness.

Preventing numb toes while snowboarding - Snowboard Boot Buyer's Guide from

I've spent an hour in a bike shop getting rid of hotspots. I ended up with a wedge, and a specialized insole with proper arch support and a metatarsal button to keep my feet bones from crunching on power transfer. This is the same type of problem, different sport.

Boot maintenance and repair
Drying….if you can dry immediately after every day of riding, take the liners and insoles out. Use very low heat or no heat…just air flow works great.
Stench of boots, liners, gloves, goggle frames, jackets…my reciepe is to dip and soak with McNett MiraZyme…follow the directions…let it soak then just hang and let it air dry.


If its really bad do the above and then; after its dry make up a paste of baking soda and water and smear it on…nice and heavy, let it dry. Then use white vinegar…pour it on, soak and let it foam; then rinse well with water and hang it in the bright sun to dry….this has not failed yet. Do it at the end of the season so you got fresh smelling stuff for the fall.

Boot repair…the best stuff used yet is again a McNett product called “Freesole”. Their “aquaseal” will also work but it is not as abrasion resistant and imho does not stick as well…but darn good. Use it where there is binding/boot wear, to seal up edge cuts and etc. As you can see the old 305’s are trashed (but feel like slippers) but are kept for back up and would last a couple of days.

FreesoleŽ Urethane Formula Shoe Repair

Pics of stuff

hurricane tape and foam sheet with adhesive backing

right new liner, middle old liner with diy c and butter fly, left c and butterfly covered with hurricane tape

butterfly wrapped around back

butterfly covered

pad on the tongue to push back the ankle and to deal with a hot spot

right insole=trash, middle=abit better, left=good fit for me

note the arch support

dual zone lacing...tie a crossover knot and wrap around the boot (need long laces) to keep the foot loose and then cinch down the cuff

cinch down the inner lace harness to keep the foot pulled back in to the heel pocket

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