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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
stop turning. Just point it. I mean, it's not steep right?

My very first time boarding I signed up for a lesson but it didn't start until 11am and I was impatient.

Too scared to get on a lift so I just hiked up the bunny hill , strapped in and went for it. I ate it hard, more then once. nothing ventured nothing gained right?
Yeah, OK...

Maybe you missed the part where I said I tried that. Either my tail was coming around on me (in the back seat), my nose was burying (in the whole 3") and I was stopping when I leaned more forward, or even if I tried to just engage a little edge to keep my tail from coming around I dug in and stopped.

3" of fresh on grass just doesn't work. I guess I could practice for hours until my balance was perfect so I could flat-base without too much pressure front or rear, but is there a point to that? Cuz the perfect flat-base technique just sounds like a really good way to catch an edge and eat shit on anything other than 3" of fresh on grass?...

How about it just keeps snowing all night and I go try again tomorrow?


PS: I know you're a cat/shark thing, but fuck you too Mixie...
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