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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Coming from a professional driver with 22 years and almost 2 million miles of accident free driving semi pulling double trailers in the PNW and western Canada in every condition possible, I can unequivocally confirm that this generalization has a flip side. I have seen just as many if not more dumbasses in 4X4 pickups and big SUV's driving like idiots, crashing, closing the road and usually killing someone else in the process! When these people fuck up it usually is more spectacular and keeps your road closed for a much longer time.

It's the Indian, not the arrow. Skill and common senses trumps equipment every time. Having said that, I drive a pickup when not driving a semi and in deep unplowed snow it is a better tool for the job than a small car. The problem I see with the average pickup and SUV driver is they think they are invincible and overdrive their skill level and that if the vehicle.

On a plowed icy road, I actually think the small FWD car handles better than a large heavy pickup with a high center of gravity. It all comes down to the driver.

Which brings me to this shit storm with Snowklinger and comeback. Comeback, we have had this conversation before in this thread a few years back. Your tone is always caustic and incendiary. You seem to start fights in almost every thread you become engaged in. Do us all a favor and think about other people may react and tone it down. Not every post has to end with "you idiot" ( even when you don't write it your tone still says it).

Snowklinger, don't react, respond. It's cool that you are so capable navigating your car on these shit roads but don't let someone who disagrees with you in a trollish manner allow you to loose your control and stoop to that same level in your responses. There are plenty of people who will agree with you that your car is just fine in the snow and plenty who will not. If it works for you that is all that is important. Personally up here because of the depth and density if our snow, combined with the fact ODOT is incompetent at plowing roads, I feel better in a heavy high clearance truck.

Keep it in perspective folks. Bottom line is we are talking about a chunk of steel and plastic with 4 wheels that gets you from point A to point B. The rude you are defending to the death is going to a pile of scrap metal in the junk yard soon and you will have long forgotten it. This thread has had a long run; it would be a shame to lock it down because folks can't act like adults and treat each other with some respect.

I have never understood the level of passion people have over car talk....
I'm scared to death when its wet and cold out. Fear > skill imo lolz

I need a truck for bc and summer trailhead access, but CO just makes too much money to allow resorts to be inaccessible (so it seems).

I apologize for stooping to the level that was brought.

As I have stated, all I wanted was to play with the other kids.

Its hard to imagine responding differently to someone telling me that my humble possessions "are nothing to be proud of". That set me off and just because you tell me to chill and I'm chill, well....its BS.

I'm not trying to get in the last word and I appreciate the heads up, but when fools come at me, there will be some lame ass bullshit for sure. I defend my cave and fire.

geo drivers know wassup haah

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"Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart!" - Ash

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