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Originally Posted by turbospartan View Post
Does a shop do anything differently (or better) than an edge sharpener tool can do (like Dakine)? That is, should I have a shop do it every so often and then use an edge sharpener tool for the remainder of the season, for any quick tune ups?

Is there anything different required for a Lib Tech board, with magna-traction?

Yes a shop does things a lot better than you can (unless you buy a lot of gear). Your edge tool is good for maintaining a good condition edge, it can't do much when the edge is dinged/nicked/case-harden. For that you need a diamond stone - an affordable and very useful tool to quickly remove any sharp burrs in the edge that would cause your board to "hook" or "catch" a little when carving your board in the snow... or doing a boardslide on a rail.

Shop also can set your edge angles... something that unless you have a real file guide (and not just a tool) I don't recommend you try at home because you will probably f'it up and get uneven edges. The default that 99% of shop do is 1/1 so make sure to request if you want something different or they will UNDO your bevel (don't expect every shop tech to be paying attention).

Magnetraction can be hand sharpened as a regular board.


Cleaning up your edge before your sharpen your edge

Sharpening your edges
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