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I posted to educate another user like someone who knows more about BMWs than I do (a BMW master tech who now owns an Indy shop) did for me when i mistakenly referred to my old car as a Beemer. I do not think I am wrong (but maybe i am) and my post to the other user was not meant to be mean at all. I have owned and worked on many BMWs in the past and currently own one. I also posted in the thread to try to dispel some of the comments I felt were false regarding BMWs be to unreliable and expensive to own. I don't know how I have offended you so badly or why you feel the need to call me an "idiot and a douchebag," but maybe you shouldn't post things on the forum that you wouldn't say to my face.

Originally Posted by ComeBack_Kid View Post

The fact that you posted just to (wrongly) correct a user's slang term, means you are an idiot and a douchebag.

Also, you're still wrong. Beamer and Beemer have LONG been slang terms for BMW, before anyone said "bimmer".

I'm even a member of bimmerforums too, by the way, and EVERYONE in the community hates people like you who re-enforce the stereotype that enthusiasts are douches, when in fact ass hats like you are a rare breed in the bunch, and you likely don't even own a BMW either.

In conclusion, gargle live bees.

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