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Originally Posted by timmytard View Post
Do you think it has to do with shortboard skateboarding & how long you've been riding for?

This is my 25th year, back in day, everybody seemed to ride bigger boards. But also I live in B.C., ya kinda hafta have a bigger board around here I find.

I never shortboarded either, my best snowboarding buddy for 20 years did.
Even 20+ years ago he bought a Kemper freestye 155 & I had a Kemper freestye 165.

That was just a theory I was thinking up on the fly. A lot of people on the forum say they like the loose trucks skate feel some snowboard equipment gives them and I noticed snowklinger specifically said "I ride the mountain like a skatepark" which is what one of my riding friend (who shortboard) does too (slowly picks his way down the mountain... looking for every tree trunk he can bonk, every ridge on the edge of the trail he can pop, etc...).

I am admittedly a pretty terrible shortboard skateboarder. I can barely ollie standing still... forget trying to ollie up a curb, and I can "survive" a drop-into a 6ft bowl and get up the other side, but that's about it. However, I did do some downhill longboarding. Here is a video of someone ELSE doing what I would have liked to aspire to (I quit to protect my body, after I saw a guy hit some loose gravel and fly off the road going 40 mph - he was ok as he landed in some bushes, but still).

I was going WAY slower than this guy and I never did stand up powerslides (I always had one hand with a slider puck on the ground). I also rode with the freebording crew too... but it wasn't very fun in my opinion... Freebording is like being a crappy snowboarder (skidding the whole time). This was the hill that we did though (I burned through my wheels a bit going down that).

Anyway... back to snowboarding ... yea back in the day it was all about BIG GUNS 180cm+ snowboards like Glissade Snowboards, Radical Surfs, or Rad Air Tankers up to 200cm. I tried a Rad Air Tanker 172cm and rode a Prior WCR-M 178cm - fun for blasting down wide open bowls and surprisingly not too hard to handle in the trees... but really just not my thing. Now it's all Burton NUGs and what not...

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