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Originally Posted by poutanen View Post
Believe it! I have some mental block with spinning. I've done big air, played in 1/2 and 1/4 pipes since I was 13, etc. I LOVE being in the air but I have some mental block about 360's. Probably doesn't help that the first 90% of my boarding life was on the hardpack of the east coast. A "powder day" for us there was 4" of fresh...
I'm sure you already know, but the progression is to learn a 180 first, then move on to a 360 and so forth. I learned backside 180 first, and moved on to bs 360.

It is strange how much scarier it is to commit to a 360...even though you're landing regular (not switch). Funny thing is it took me long after the bs 360 to master the frontside 180 (still have never even attempted a frontside 360...hopefully, this'll be the year).

the other thing is you kinda should learn to do them on relative hard pack because deeper snow doesn't give you the speed for a decent jump that'll allow you to do a full rotation (even if the snow's deep and there's a packed down track, you're still going to probably land in someones bomb hole...ends up being the same).
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