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Originally Posted by ETM View Post
Shameless motherfucker!
Lol... well for powder... you ride in Hokkaido that trumps my Lake Tahoe riding hands down.

For all the photos and videos, I wanted to show the OP the following things:

a) I am very familiar with the resort that the OP goes to.
b) I own the board I'm talking about.
c) I actually know how to use the snowboard I'm talking about to carve, jump, and ride boxes. I'm clearly not the greatest rider you've ever seen, but I'm not pretending to be something I'm not either.

Otherwise I could be like:

Originally Posted by wannaberider
Yo... get the Libtech Skate Banana 140 cm, that thing is crazy awesome butters, lets me land my 900s of of powder kickers super steezy, the bananatech floats more than a regular board so you can go 10cm short, and the edge grip turns ice into powder. Floats awesome too.. used it for the photoshoot that I did that made it into Transworld. Trust me, in 5 years... NO ONE is going to be riding over 145 cm in powder... NO ONE!
A while back, I used to just try and put my advice out there... only to see a lot of people (who I'm sometimes skeptical about) offer what I see are incorrect answers (I mean most of it is a matter of opinion base, but still) and dismissing my opinions. I figured a pictures worth a thousand words... and video is probably worth a thousand pictures (I do apologize to people who see my photo/videos OVER and OVER again... but each time it is a new OP and so I need to post them again for the OP to see).

The big irony is that I have relatively few photos of myself, as I spent most of my time taking photos/videos my friends. Stuff like this back in the day:

Or this video I took more recently.

Half the photos I have of myself are from those "Photos on the Slopes" guys they put on the mountain (hence why it say "Proof" on a bunch of the images I posted). Most of the time none of my friends want to skip a run to take a video or photo of me. Occasionally friend is tired or injured and will once a season offer to take of photo of me riding (instead of the other way around), but then half the time they take a pretty crappy shot. If I'm lucky, I get 1 half-decent photo or video of myself a season (30-35 days). Which makes me wonder... if I can get maybe 1 good photo/video of myself a year... why do some other people never post anything. Do they not have anything to post, or are they not posting for a reason?

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