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Ok well there has been alot to respond to.

First off my skateboarding experience covers EVERYTHING for a long time, although it was always about street and hills more than ramps and parks because I'm old and there was no parks on every corner when I was growing up.

That being said the last few years that I skated it turned to alot of downhilling on decks that we cut out of various plywoods and whatnot and made ourselves. The most bad ass thing I have ever done on a board of any kind (water, snow, street) was on a tiny thin fiberglass 70's style board I bombed a 2mile hill that I guarantee you a very low % of people would try. The only reason I pulled it was that I was in bare feet and boxers so I wasn't about to just bail it lol! I guess being 19 and in shape dint hurt either hehe.

Surfing is my first love and I have spent a ton of time shortboarding and longboarding in all kinds of conditions, I truly love both, however if it is over shoulder high I admit you are unlikely to find me on a longboard.

Your assessment Lonerider of your buddy who bonks everything going down is similar to me(probably between u guys really). And also why I made the point that it is important for the OP to understand where advice is coming from in this forum. There are a ton of 30+yr old people here who represent a pretty wide demographic within snowboarding. There are eurocarvers. There are people who never want to try a 180 or 360. I am particularly comfortable in the sideways stance and on the short/fat side compared to tall/skinny, so I tend toward the shorter end of the weight ranges (which should be ignored completely anyway).

Also consider that for a 154, the new blunted Proto and Evo have exceptionally long rail lengths. Therefore, not only does the extended rail make it ride like a bigger board, but so does the blunted tips. I think the new 154 Evo and Proto ride like classic 156 on the CONSERVATIVE side, if not '57 or 58.

All of these nuances are important to consider. I simply feel that the loudest and most heard demographic on this forum (or at least in this thread so far) is gonna add cm's above the median, even if I personally do ride a bit on the short side.

Really you guys don't think 159 is on the large end for 150lbs on a modern board? I would sure like to hear from someone like BA, Nivek or Wolfie on this.

It's not like it matters to me what the guy chooses, it just seems like he's getting a pretty narrow slice of the pie from this thread.

You can be a smart person do all the research in the world and end up with a board u don't like if experience isn't guiding you.

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