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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Surfing is my first love and I have spent a ton of time shortboarding and longboarding in all kinds of conditions, I truly love both, however if it is over shoulder high I admit you are unlikely to find me on a longboard.
Nice! I recently got to go to Maui (most of the travel and lodging was paid for) recently and went longboard surfing there. It was WAY easier than trying to surf in Norcal (I'm a terrible paddler) and I managed to get a few cross-steps, switch hops (me, not the board), before falling off the board. I learned how to do cross-steps on a longboard skateboard after being inspired by this video.

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Your assessment Lonerider of your buddy who bonks everything going down is similar to me. And also why I made the point that it is important for the OP to understand where advice is coming from on length in this forum. There are a ton of 30+yr old people here who represent a pretty wide demographic within snowboarding. There are eurocarvers.
So... how close would you say your riding style is to the OP's style.

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
All of these things nuances are important to consider. I simply feel that the loudest and most heard demographic on this forum is gonna add cm's above the median, even if I personally do ride a bit on the short side.
It's funny - from my point of view I feel like most people suggest shorter than normal boards. Grafta just posted in the other thread I'm on right now that a 158 cm board for a 160 lbs rider "sounds huge for your weight." For instance Snowolf is the most prolific poster on this website and he is riding like a 156-158cm boards at 190 lbs for freeriding only - that's almost the same length I'm riding at while I weigh 45-50 lbs less than him - no disrepect to him, I believe myself to be the better freerider (still just a weekend warrior though).

Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
Also consider that for a 154, the new blunted proto and evo have exceptionally long rail lengths. Therefore, not only does the extended rail make the board ride like a bigger board, but so does the blunted tips. I think the new 154 evo and proto ride like classic 156 on the CONSERVATIVE side, if not '57 or 58.
See, this is where I think I have more experience and knowledge than you (not necessarily GOOD experience... just experience) because I have ridden much longer board than you and I have ridden boards with very long effective edges compared to their overall length.

The Proto 154 with blunted tips has an effective edge of 122cm - which is a more than the SL 155 has without the blunted tips (120cm) - but 2 cm is less than two fingers widths <insert sexual joke here> or less than 2% difference. That's almost nothing. Compare that to the Virus Avalanche FLP AFT 160cm freeride board Poutanen is getting, which has an effective edge of 149cm!!!! When you compare that to the 129cm effective edge of a Proto 160cm sn image of Crocodile Dungee saying "that's not a knife... this is knife" comes to my mind.

I think a 159 cm is ok for an experience rider who is only going to be doing freeride and powder. It would be different if it were a novice or a jib-oriented rider like yourself. I will end this post... with what I always tend to post when someone attempt to suggest any board over 160 is "way too long" a video the Radical Surf 222 cm board.

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