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Originally Posted by dreampow View Post
Getting all exited about a couple of centimeters.

You could also go 156~157 without any issues IMO.

All in all everyone has their preferences and opinions. Lonerider clearly likes longer stiffer decks for riding the mountain, but thats not to say you can't carve or ride steeps at speed on slightly shorter decks.

I personally wouldn't be riding all mountain on a 154, I wouldn't ride anything bellow 157 for what i like to do. Each to their own
Yes... if you are only free-riding... then I don't see why you wouldn't go a tiny bit longer and stiffer board than a park rider. You could go a bit shorter if you wanted to, but I don't see any reason to - a difference of 2 cm is not going to make it dramatically easier to jib, spin, and may make it only a tight bit easier to go through trees.

I just get tired of people who keep saying "oh, I don't want to go too long, it is hard to spin with" or "oh it's way too hard to turn a board that is one inch longer" when a lot of them just aren't very good snowboarders (present company excepted) and wouldn't be able to do some tricks no matter what the board is. It seriously like when a woman asks "does this pair of jeans make my butt look fat?"... no, it doesn't... because 99% of the time it's her butt that's fat, not the jeans.

I believe in staying in the middle of the recommend weight ranges... and then adjusting slighty from that for your personal preferences (shorter/softer for rails... longer for freeriding/powder).

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