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Hey everyone,

Just some general comments here to help out anyone interested.

The two sizes of bindings does often cause some confusion. For reference, the S/M size is good up to about a size 9. Anything bigger than that, and we recommend going with the L/XL.

There are multiple adjustments that will affect the fit so it's important to go through the setup instructions. We find that often times a simple change of toe strap location makes a world of difference. If you want a binding that is immediately good to go out of the box, 390's or Targas are probably not for you. Check out a pair of Mobs instead.

Personally I love sitting down with a couple beers, watching some snowboard flicks, and setting up my board and bindings for the season. It's not for everyone.

We've noticed some boots are especially wider than others that we get asked about frequently - 32 Lashed, some DCs, etc. - especially older models.

Additionally, if the boots use any sort of shrinkage tech this seems to cause problems as well. A lot of the time the actual distance from toe to heel is reduced, but not the actual width of the boot. So if you are on the edge, say a 9.5 shrinkage boot, it probably still has the width of a 10.5, so you should use a L/XL binding.

Obviously if there are any specific questions the best way to get in touch is to email us. We'll always get back to you ASAP.

In terms of paint chipping comments - that problem has been eliminated for '13.

As far as Arsenals go - these are a great, more affordable option compared to the 390 and Targa. They are the same as the old 390 pre-VROD baseplate. Simple baseplate design, underwrap heel hoop system, and a stiffer highback. Awesome for all-mountain and getting into the park as well. They are beefy as hell and get the job done without crushing your wallet.

Hope that helps some questions, and as always, feel free to get in touch.

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