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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Meh, this is about as audience-specific as you can get. As long as the poster doesn't open multiple threads, or keep bumping the thread with no new info, I'm ok with it.

Also, hang around to answer questions. The fuckwit the other day who said "post any questions to my facebook account. I won't be checking back on this forum" got the heave-ho right quick.
Yeah that's why I said borderline. Lots of people come here with audience-specific threads, but essentially use the forum as a one-way street to push their own product without backing it by participating in the discussion/thread/community/etc. I should probably have reserved judgment instead of tossing out the "spam" comment from the get go. My bad.

I remember that guy I think was an ebay sale with a bunch of stuff "Send me questions on ebay I won't be back here" what a douche.
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