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Originally Posted by UNION INHOUSE View Post
This is my first post, and the first snowboarding forum I've ever signed up to. Hopefully I can answer any questions pertaining to Union. For the record, I am one of the founders of Union and have been snowboarding for 27 years. That just made me feel very old...... I'm not trying to claim, or try to be the authority of all things snowboarding. I just want everybody to know that I'm not some intern working at C3, and know a thing or two about snowboard bindings.

Addressing your question - Yes, they are designed this way for added cushion in the heel area. I think you are over-analyzing it a bit (no offense). Just go ride the bindings, and I assure you won't have any issues with the binding being "too soft" in the heel area.

Travis Rice says that the Atlas is the best binding he's ever ridden. That's the honest truth. If anybody in this forum knows Travis, you know he's a man of his word, and has extremely high standards for gear. Probably 80% of our team rides the Atlas base and none of them have ever had any issues with EVA.

Thanks and happy shredding.
So who is this then besides anonymous C3 employee? Is it George Kleckner, Martino Fumagalli, John Malkoski, or someone else? Or is this the new account better associated with all of the above and rotating through the employees? Little transparency never hurts vs Internet anonymity.

Travis might be a great guy (haven't met him) but the whole using him as an example is kind of a bad one. Nothing against you or him, but if you remember when he rode "exclusively" for Bent Metal, he was riding Cartels.

My .02 cents on your EVA. Nothing wrong with having it in the heel it does help, but aesthetically I probably would have just made it solid so that there wasn't that gap in there so questions like this didn't happen. Once again not hating just pointing out my opinion on it.

Originally Posted by UNION INHOUSE View Post
First of all, Johan isn't our rep. I'm not defending him, just to be clear on that. He's a very passionate person who has sacrificed a great deal for our brands. His wife and kids have as well. So when somebody hates on our brand, he takes it personal. Doesn't make it right, but it is what it is.

I have no idea what you do for a living, or if you have mouths to feed. If you do, maybe you can understand. Again, I'm not defending his actions or apologize whatever he did.


You are entitled to your opinion about our toe straps. Not all boots work ideal with our toe straps. The same can be said for any binding brand.

It's important to have them adjusted correctly, obviously. Proper heelcup adjustment is key to toe strap fit. Nike, 32, Vans and Burton all fit great with Union.

Every model in our new line has new toe straps that are improved.

Lastly, you probably don't realize that there is a patent battle going on with toe straps right now, and we have steered clear of any patent infringements.
Can we all just get it out there that Johan is the Global Sales Guy and technically as an employee/owner/Internet Warlock or whatever is a representative of your brand.

His actions regardless of pure or for his personal agenda effect you guys as a whole. While it's great to have company people answering questions it does nothing when they get into a penis-measuring-shit-flinging-fanboy-rallying-troll-fest. And yes that's exactly what happened regardless of what anyone says. Bottom line it obviously had some impact on you as a brand because you are here now under this name addressing these points.

Sacrifices happen to everyone in life and no one can say who has sacrificed more or less than anyone else unless they've literally walked in their shoes. We've all sacrificed something for snowboarding and honestly we'll probably all continue to make more. Just because a person has more invested in a brand than others whether it's the fan boys or the haters or the realists it shouldn't have any effect on how they interact with potential customers or how to get the information out there. You have to keep it neutral regardless if you think/know you are right because at the end of the day you're representing a brand not an individual.

For what it's worth I think you guys do have a great thing going with how you do the online product clinics, I think you've done well with aligning yourself with die hard brand enthusiasts, and I think your marketing just about destroys everyone else on the market. I'm talking C3 as a whole not just Union here. The level of hype you have is amazing but I think can be a bit blinding as well.

Now before I give my .02 cents on where I think you're dropping the ball I just want to preface this by saying I'm not here to instigate with Phony, Matty, Alka, or any of your other loyalists/EL guys and I'm definitely not defending anyone from over here like Shred Life. I have too little time for shit like that anymore and since we're all trying to be civil or at least some of us are I figured I could put it out there. If anyone has a problem with me just email me directly

I think you're missing the point of the people that are saying they're noticing issues with your bindings. It's great feedback for you that there's more than one or two people saying "hey this sucks", they're legitimately saying, "hey we have this issue and have had it for a few years why aren't you addressing this?" Criticism no matter how negative or blunt should be one of your driving forces to going forward and making a better product. Even if you don't like the person you should say "fuck yeah lets fix this and then shove it back down their throat at a demo or on their website or wherever because we believe in our product." What I gather and once again this is just my .02 cents based on opinions and observations is that you guys as a whole can't take criticism. Case in point a few years ago I posted a review on one of your products, I actually really liked it all but one thing (think it was the sidecut) and suddenly that made me a pure blown fucking hater. Not the case I liked everything about it but one thing. You guys got so hung up on that one thing you failed to see that there was a laundry list of things that I thought were great. I've seen this happen with other people. Now if you want to surround yourself with yes men then hey go for it but from my experiences that's when stagnation happens and that just fucking sucks.

If anything can be learned from Johan's little quest for knowledge is that everyone has their brand preferences, people need to be educated, you guys could have handled that better as a company, this site could have handled it differently, the Internet is full of Warlocks, there just isn't enough male boards with Unicorns, and that going forward snowboarders should work together to make snowboarding better for people coming in.

Also it's a public forum if people want to join regardless of their motives and answer questions, I say go for it. It sucks when you're on a public forum and there's 2 people that are the only ones educated enough to answer the questions. The more people giving more options the better. Hell it's the reason I said fuck it and started my site, got sick of answering questions daily and decided to take control of the content. Keep up the work fellas you might like this place. As for you old fucks that are getting all angry about these guys sticking around don't fear change.

On a sidenote is this going to be the year I can finally get some Capita decks and Union bindings on my site for review or am I still blacklisted?

Flame on guys I'm about to go get my inner nerd on and play call of duty, then plot how to use this chainsaw on some snowboard equipment and make an amusing video.

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