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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post

Now before I give my .02 cents on where I think you're dropping the ball I just want to preface this by saying I'm not here to instigate with Phony, Matty, Alka, or any of your other loyalists/EL guys and I'm definitely not defending anyone from over here like Shred Life. I have too little time for shit like that anymore and since we're all trying to be civil or at least some of us are I figured I could put it out there. If anyone has a problem with me just email me directly

If anything can be learned from Johan's little quest for knowledge is that everyone has their brand preferences, people need to be educated, you guys could have handled that better as a company, this site could have handled it differently, the Internet is full of Warlocks, there just isn't enough male boards with Unicorns, and that going forward snowboarders should work together to make snowboarding better for people coming in.

Also it's a public forum if people want to join regardless of their motives and answer questions, I say go for it. It sucks when you're on a public forum and there's 2 people that are the only ones educated enough to answer the questions. The more people giving more options the better. Hell it's the reason I said fuck it and started my site, got sick of answering questions daily and decided to take control of the content. Keep up the work fellas you might like this place. As for you old fucks that are getting all angry about these guys sticking around don't fear change.

Flame on guys I'm about to go get my inner nerd on and play call of duty, then plot how to use this chainsaw on some snowboard equipment and make an amusing video.
Well said.

I don't think anyone is trying to flame or catch feelings, I think, like you said, the people that have ridden the gear are trying to offer their opinions/advice on the the gear that people are asking about without a lot of hassle from the people who haven't ridden it (or rode it for a day).

I know you noticed all the shit going on, and, wisely, decided to keep on doing what you were doing. In fact, I think you even took time out to help a dude set his 390s up.

OP, now that you know that the heel is the way it is, and may make your decision based on that, how grey are those stone atlases? I want a pair to be matchy matchy with my Yes board and Arbor del Rey.
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