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[QUOTE=BurtonAvenger;539029]So who is this then besides anonymous C3 employee? Is it George Kleckner, Martino Fumagalli, John Malkoski, or someone else? Or is this the new account better associated with all of the above and rotating through the employees? Little transparency never hurts vs Internet anonymity.

George Kleckner.

Travis might be a great guy (haven't met him) but the whole using him as an example is kind of a bad one. Nothing against you or him, but if you remember when he rode "exclusively" for Bent Metal, he was riding Cartels.

Cartels are damn good bindings. The Atlas had only been on the market for a year when he tried them. He likes the Atlas better. Just being honest here.

Can we all just get it out there that Johan is the Global Sales Guy and technically as an employee/owner/Internet Warlock or whatever is a representative of your brand.

Johan is our US Sales Manager, business partner, product tester, an awesome person and great friend. And yes, a representative of our brands. The list of things he does for the brand is a very long one.

While it's great to have company people answering questions it does nothing when they get into a penis-measuring-shit-flinging-fanboy-rallying-troll-fest. And yes that's exactly what happened regardless of what anyone says. Bottom line it obviously had some impact on you as a brand because you are here now under this name addressing these points.

Yeah, I should be working on our catalog right now instead of doing this.

I don't even know what happened, and don't have time to read everything. I was informed that there was a shit storm on here and some people who are misinformed in regards to bindings. I'm not here to put out any fires, only to hopefully get some facts straight and hopefully gather some feedback. Thank you for yours.
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