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Originally Posted by lonerider View Post
In real life there is relatively little difference. I can spin up to 540 and ride switch with minimal changes on a directional board.

Again it is about matching the board to the rider... unless you are literally riding switch half the day... there is zero reason to even think about riding a true twin. Board construction and materials are going to be much more noticeable.

Most get a true twin for identity and/or ego issues as they want to show they hope to be a serious park rider.
hmm so to summarize, the only difference between the krypto ,one, and angus are:

the flex: krypto listed at 9/10 vs one/angus @ 7/10
core: krypto trinwood 3 vs one's wood cbf1 vs angus' wood stips c/k
base density: sintered 4400 on the one vs sintered 7500 on the angus and krypto

is it just me or is the angus a better choice and than one because of the base and also 50 bux cheaper?
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