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If we are going back in time, I would vote for Nintendo 64, that system kicked ass. It had the best games ever and the it factor back them took me by surprised. Sad to say that I never owned one since it was to expensive in Colombia plus my mom just purchased a Play Station for me. She would only buy one system .

The funny thing is that in Colombia all the games for PS systems are copies so each new game cost you about $4 US dollars and they even do that with the PS3, they just need to modify the system and they do that in 5 minutes for about $20 (damn thief's ).

They could not do that with N-64 since the system uses cartridges instead of discs thats why the system was much more expensive(the whole investment system+games). Each game would be like close to $70, it made almost unfordable in Colombian salaries.
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