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Originally Posted by snowklinger View Post
That MUST be it!!

A statistical relationship between the actual number of goofies and the fact that goofies as a group "feel the need to represent".


cmon mister science i want fucking answers here!
It's not unreasonable. One of the troubles with voluntary polls in general is that most respondants are people who feel strongly about the subject. So for instance in political polls, if you phone people you'll get X % for, Y % against, and Z % undecided. But if you just put up a phone number and ask people to call, you get no Z whatsoever, and a much higher Y and lower X. Goofies, like lefties (as a leftie, I can speak to this) might feel the need to remind people that we're here, we're possibly queer, and we like beer. Regulars and righties won't so much give a shit.

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