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Originally Posted by KungMartin View Post
and who are you? and why are you so butt hurt? still butthurt about the binding thread? every piece of advice i've dispensed so far have been on subjects i do have experience and knowledge from.

just the fact that you're trying to prove me wrong adds to the naivete of your post. you're basically letting your emotions run over good judgement. just don't be mad, we're all friends here.

my first post still stands.
I agree, your original advice was awful and incorrect.
Try not doing it again.

I weigh 150 lbs and rode a 151 all over Tahoe the last few years. I "should" be riding a 154-156 based on my weight? Sorry, but no, you're wrong, especially when you're giving "advice" to a beginner.

The 151 will be fine for you, OP. Don't stress about it at all, go out and have fun learning to ride.
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