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Originally Posted by lonerider View Post
I don't know... I mean this is all a matter of opinion - but I don't think it's terrible if you accidentally go a little long either. I find a lot of people use bad/sloppy technique to turn the board (not using proper leverage)... but they can get away with it because the board is so short and soft... then they ride their first mogul field, tree run, or steep slope - and their crappy technique immediately shows as they have a ton of trouble doing anything but falling leaf.

The way I see it, it's like learning to drive on a car with stick instead of automatic... or learning to throw a football using a real football instead of one of those nerf footballs with the fins in the back. It's harder and kind of sucks when you are learning... but if you can get through that.... you are better than someone who learned the easy way.
true, there are many teaching/learning philosphies that can be applied. another example that i can add is about the board profile. reverse camber is "supposed" to be the easier way to learn, but when i taught my uncle he said the camber board was easier to control. so i guess that would be personal preference.

in this case i think the easier option fits better his situation.
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