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Originally Posted by bigblaster View Post
lol. Yes.. I'm not happy with the way it presses in the nose and tail, I think that much is obvious from flexing it on my carpet. How could I have known that before buying it online. The flex of the board isn't going to change when I take it to the snow.
The flex actually does change on the snow because you can slide on the snow (and so the board will move a little with your lean your weight over it, giving it a slightly different balance point. I wish I could do some tricks in the park as well I can do practicing on the carpet with a milkcrate(270 to tailpress to 270 pretzel out).
Originally Posted by bigblaster View Post
Help? I never asked to be convinced into keeping the proto.
Personally, I saw your post is like when some posts on Facebook "I hate the world..." or "Life is not worth living..." they aren't explicitly asking someone to cheer them up, but it's pretty clear that wanted everyone to know how they felt.
Originally Posted by bigblaster View Post
this is a snowboarding forum yet you all are some of the most hostile people I've seen on a message board lol. The majority of you seem offended that I don't want to Keep this board. fuck my reason for sending it back. When did I ever ask for advice on "why I should keep it." ? I should have known the butthurtedness this thread would create. I didnt realize never summer was the new perfect "union" brand.
Lol... then you are obviously new to Internet forums (I've haven't notice anyone saying "Hitler would ride that board"). Since you are new to this forum, I'll give you a pass. If you don't think you'll like the Proto, that's fine... it's not for everyone. I would still encourage to actually ride any snowboard before you pass judgment, but I understand that you want to be able to return the board for a refund. However, when writing a forum post, you have to think about how the post will be taken by other people. Posting a thread with a title like " Bought a Proto CT, sending it back for something else" is either clearly trying to bait people... or just ignorant because the majority of people who are going to click on the link at Proto CT owners... who you call bandwagoners in the first sentence.

If you goal is to get board recommendations... then perhaps you should have been more like:

Looking for board suggestions (Indoor Survival FK? Rome Mod Rocker?)
Originally Posted by fakeBigBlaster
Looking for board recommendations. I have been riding for the past 2 years (Indoor Survival FK). Tried a Proto CT... nice, but wasn't my style.

I am considering a Rome Mod Rocker, but I would like some recommendations on boards, preferably with flat/zero camber between inserts and rocker in the nose/tail. Also something with some sort of grip tech and similar in flex to the proto, maybe be a touch less.

My riding style is mainly freestyle, I spend about 40% of my time i the park on jumps and rails, the rest of the time looking for stuff to jib or jump on the trails. I'm 5'11 175, so I'll prob go with a board in the 155-159 range.

Does that make sense? Compare the reaction to your post... to this guy... who basically was in a similar issue, but wrote it in a much more diplomatic way... look at the difference in reaction.

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