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Originally Posted by lonerider View Post
By ratio... I mean how much weight can you do on a leg extension machine and divide that by how much you can do on a leg curl machine.

Quad is the front/top of your thigh. Hamstring is the back/bottom of your thigh.

Yes... if you quad is too strong and/or tight, it will literally pull on your knee cap. Here is a diagram of your knee. You can see the quad muscle connects to you knee via all those white thingies which are tendons/connective tissue (illiotibial band)... now you can imagine if you quad was too strong or too tight... it would shorten and pull on your knee (like a clingy girlfriend) causing irritation to your knee (like a clingy girlfriend).

lmao thanks i have conditioning so ive been streching 3 times aday again it really does help...
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