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Originally Posted by sheepstealer View Post
This thread is twofold, one for anyone who might have knee issues - why not create a thread for a common snowboard injury - and two -for myself.

The inside of my right knee is a little tender/sore. This is mostly me being paranoid, but do I have anything to worry about? The tenderness is on the inside - if you were to sit down, knees at 90 degree angles, and feel that "ball" of cartilage on the inside of you right knee...thats whats sore for me. It hurts if I press on it, especially lower towards the back of the knee. I can walk on it fine.

Within the last couple of months I started lifting hard, something which I have not done in many years. I'm athletic and so wasn't too worried about ramping up to a fairly intensive core/strength routine to get ready for the season. I started out the first couple weeks with lifting smaller weight, and got into REALLY pushing myself the last two weeks, up until now. I've also been hiking and playing soccer the last two weeks, mixed in with lifting (squats, lunges, jump-rope).

So, should I be worried? I'm guessing I should just rest it and chalk it up to a tendon strain, although I know the MCL is on the inside of the knee too.

Do any of you ride with a knee brace?

Thoughts/advice are appreciated. I'm banking on hitting the doctor for a physical sometime soon anyways, so maybe that will help?

You probably have the same issue that I got. Kneecap not tracking properly. Try do a light weight leg extension. You should notice you can't put any significant force on it and hear grinding noises. ALso try looking at your legs when lying flat. If you lift weights then the body will shift the weight over to the uninjured leg, making it bigger.

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